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Service Agreement

Zaisubao provides service to you subject to the terms and conditions set forth below. Please read these terms carefully.

Please read Zaisubao Service Terms(hereinafter ”Agreement”). The terms and conditions set forth herein shall apply to your use of various tools and services for trade and communication provided by zaisubao.com website for use in the global business-to-business (B2B) e-markets (hereinafter ”Service”).

1.Acceptance of the terms

You login to the zaisubao.com indicates you agreed on the agreement of Zaisubao and also subject to the terms and conditions of it(“Terms”). Zaisubao can amend ”Terms” at any time at its own discretion, meanwhile Zaisubao shall publish the notice to let you know if any amendment” Terms” happened. The “Service” function would be terminated if you did not agree relevant amendment. All of the amendment “Terms” shall come into effect automatically after publishing at the Zaisubao.com website. Please read the amended” Terms” carefully after login and you have right to terminate ”Service”; If you continue the use of “Service” it will be deemed that you have accepted the revised terms. In the event of dispute arising between you can Zaisubao, the latest service agreement shall prevail. Except as otherwise stated, any “Service” scope expanded or new content enhancements is subject to this agreement. The agreement not allowed any amendment only if there is authorized agreement regards amendment signed by Zaisubao Website senior management.

2.Who can use Zaisubao.com Website?

The “Service” function legally created and legally binding for the individual and company unit and applicable to the people aged no less than 18 years. Or no use of the “Service” if no correspondences. Zaisubao.com website able to reject “Service” to any users at any time at its own discretion, “Service” would not provide to Zaisubao users whose qualification had been temporary or permanent terminated.


Zaisubao reserves the right to charge fees for the “Service” with a notice to you in accordance with Article 1. In addition, all taxes payable incurred by you in your transactions, any paid Services obtained from Zaisubao or the access to Zaisubao’s server and relevant expenses relating to hardware, software, communication and network services etc. shall be borne by you. Zaisubao reserves the right to temporarily or permanently change or terminate all or part of the “Service” in the form of an announcement at its website without any further written notice.

4.Zaisubao.com Website only used as transaction platform

Zaisubao Website merely used as transaction platform for its users to find counterparties, exchange information about products and services and obtain various kinds of services relate to trading. While Zaisubao can not control the quality, safety or lawfulness of the products and the relevant parties to perform their obligations according to the trading agreement. In addition, you should be aware of the risk in trading with foreigners, the juveniles or persons acting fraudulently.

5.User Content and the goods for business

“User Content” means any content provided by you during registration, posting, transactions, other public forums or via email to Zaisubao or other users, including but not limited to data, text, software, music, audio, photo, images, videos, expressions or other materials. You are solely responsible for your User Content while Zaisubao is merely the passive channel via which you post and publish User Content. If Zaisubao believes that any "User Content" may cause any legal or moral liability to Zaisubao or may cause Zaisubao to lose all or part of the services from its internet service provider or other suppliers, Zaisubao may take any action it deems necessary or appropriate to the "User Content" at its sole discretion, including but not limited to deleting such content. You hereby warrant that you have full rights, including complete copyright, in the "User Content" you submitted to Zaisubao. You acknowledge that Zaisubao has no responsibility to identify or determine which "User Content" submitted by you to Zaisubao shall be protected and Zaisubao will not be liable for the use of your "User Content" by other users of the "Services"

5.1Registration obligation

According to the requirement of the membership from http://www.zaisubao.com after completing the procedures for registration or activation, you must correctly provide and update your information following the instructions on the corresponding webpages of this website in accordance with the laws and regulations so as to ensure the information provided is true, up-to-date, complete and accurate. If there are reasonable grounds to doubt that the information you have provided is incorrect, false, outdated or incomplete, Zaisubao has the right to send you an inquiry and/or a notice requesting correction and to directly delete any corresponding information until the suspension or termination of the "Services" (in whole or in part) provided to you without any liability, and you are solely liable for any and all resulting direct and indirect losses and adverse consequences.

5.2The user name, password and privacy

You are solely responsible for the confidentiality of your Zaisubao login name, user name and password, and all activities that occur under your login name (including but not limited to, disclosure or release of information, clicking “agree” or “submit” to accept any rules or agreements online, renewing agreements or purchasing services online, etc.). You agree: (a) to immediately inform and authorize Zaisubao to synchronize such information to Zaisubao websites in the event you discover any unauthorized use of your login name, user name and password or any other situation that constitutes a breach of the confidentiality provisions between you and Zaisubao; and (b) to correctly exit / log-out of the website at the end of each online operation session. Zaisubao cannot and will not be responsible for any losses or damages incurred as a result of your failure to comply with this provision.

5.3About the regulations of User Content

You agree and undertake, that "User Content" or products provided by you for trading on Zaisubao website ( “Products” shall mean all products, rights, interests, instruments, securities, services or actions in various forms, tangible or intangible, and lawfully tradable):

a. does not contain fraudulent elements and are not involved in the sale of counterfeit or stolen items;

b. does not infringe the proprietary right, copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property rights, or privacy rights or reputation of any third party; 

c. does not violate any laws, regulations, rules or ordinances (including but not limited to those in relation to export control, operation subject to license, trade quota, consumer protection, unfair competition or false advertising), this Agreement and any relevant rules;

d. does not include any contents constituting defamation (including commercial defamation), illegal intimidation or illegal harassment;

e. does not include any obscene contents or child pornography;

f. does not contain any virus, Trojan house, worm, time-bomb program or other computer program that deliberately destroys, maliciously disturbs, secretly intercepts or encroaches upon any system, data or personal information; 

g. does not directly or indirectly link to or contain any description of products or services which: (i) are prohibited hereunder; or (ii) you have no right to link to or use the description of. In addition, you agree not to: (i) use the Services to send any chain emails, spam or any duplicated or redundant information; (i) use the Services to collect email addresses and other information of other persons without their consent; or (j) use the Services to generate false email addresses or otherwise attempt to mislead other persons as to the identity of the sender or source of the information.

5.4 Prohibited items

You may not be allow to publish or sale on our website if:(a).Any item that may cause the company to violate any relevant laws, regulations, rules or regulations.(b).Zaisubao considers that any items that should be prohibited or not suitable for sale through this website.

6 . License

With respect to the content you provide, you grant zaisubao and its affiliates an exclusive, worldwide, permanent, royalty free license (which is sub-licensable at various levels) so that zaisubao and its affiliates has the right to (in whole or in part) use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, distribute, execute and display your User Content or produce derivatives, and/or incorporate User Content in other works in any form, media or by any technology known now or developed in the future.

7. Privacy

Notwithstanding the license provided in Article 6, zaisubao will use User Data in accordance with its privacy policy. Terms and conditions of the privacy policy constitutes an integral part of this Agreement, therefore you must read it carefully. Please note that once you voluntarily disclose User Data within transactions at zaisubao, User Data may be accessed or used by other persons.

8. Rules for Transactions

8.1 Adding product description Items.

Product description is the text description, illustration and/or image provided by you for display on zaisubao.com, which may include (a) a description of the product owned and offered by you; or (b) a description of the product you are looking for. You can publish any of the two kind of product, or publish both of the product simultaneously. You shall correctly classify such product descriptions. Zaisubao will not be liable for the accuracy or content of any product description.

8.2 Negotiations about transaction

Each party of the transactions precisely describe its offer and counteroffer through zaisubao.com and conduct mutual negotiations. Upon acceptance of an offer or counteroffer by the parties, such zaisubao members have the obligation to complete the transaction. Unless under special circumstances, such as, the user makes any material change to the description of the Products or corrects any character input error after you have sent your offer, or the user that can't be verified in a transaction, all offers and undertakings shall not withdraw.

8.3 Dealing with disputes

Zaisubao will not and shall not be involved in all kinds of the transactions. If you are in dispute with one or more users, or the third-party service provider you searched from zaisubao, you hereby exonerate zaisubao (its agent and employee) from any related (actual and consequent) claims for rights, demands and compensation for damages.

8.4 Make use of common sense

Zaisubao will not and do not try to control clients' data provided by service of zaisubao. Essentially, the data of other users may be disgusting, harmful, or uncertain, even in some cases the data with false signs or is fraudulent. We notice that you should use the website combining with your common sense.

Transaction system

9.1 No manipulation

You agree not to collude with any associates of the counterparts or any third party who aids in deception or fraud to manipulate the result of any business negotiation with the counterparts.

9.2 The Integrity of transaction system.

You agree not to use any device, software or routine program to or attempt to intervene with the normal operation of zaisubao.com or any transaction being carried out on zaisubao.com . You shall not take any actions that would unreasonably or disproportionately overload zaisubao’s network infrastructure. You can not reveal or share your password with the third party, or use your password without permission.

9.3 Feedback

9.4 No Commercial Exploitation of data

You agree that you will not use any information for commercial purposes, including but not limited to copying any information displayed at zaisubao.com and use the same for commercial purposes without the prior written approval of zaisubao.

10. Expiration and visiting limitation

You agree that Zaisubao may terminate your service password, account (or any part thereof) or terminate your use of Services for any reason at its own discretion (including but not limited to, Zaisubao believes that you have breached this Agreement or your conducts are in breach of this Agreement, both literally and substantially)., provided that Zaisubao has not charged you for any fees.  You agree that, if Zaisubao has charged you for any fees, Zaisubao’s termination of Services as described  shall be based on reasonable suspicion and with prior notice to you via e-mail. You further acknowledge and agree that if Zaisubao terminates the Services in accordance with this Agreement, Zaisubao may immediately terminate your account or delete your account and all associated information and files, and/or prohibit your further access to such files or Services. Upon termination of the account, Zaisubao is not obliged to retain any information in or in connection with the account or forward any unread or unsent messages to you or any third party. In addition, you agree that Zaisubao will not assume any liability to you or any third party due to its termination of the Services provided to you.

11. If you violate the rules ,what outcome will cause

Under no limited other remedy measures conditions, appeared any circumstance as below, Zaisubao will immediately make/raise an alarm to terminate temporarily or permanently your membership, delete your all products message and all others documents shown on the website:

1)you violate the agreement

2)Zaisubao could not verify or identify any data you provided.

3)Zaisubao believes your behavior will cause legal liability for you, user of Zaisubao or third party service supplier recommend by Zaisubao or Zaisubao website. Under no limited other remedy measures conditions, provided that you are involve in cheat about Zaisubao` website, it can suspend or terminate your account.

12. To supply service as current status

Zaisubao will do our best let you enjoy the pleasure during you log in our website. What a pity, due to some unpredictable technological problem or other troubles appear at any time, so that it will cause data lost or others service brake off. Consequently, you definitely understand and agree that the risk of your used service will be undertaken by yourself. Based on “ current status” and “ available” , the service will be supplied. Zaisubao definitely states that we never promise to give any kind of guarantee in express or implied , contains but not limited to salability , to apply to specialized usage and promise for no violation behavior. As below message, we never make a guarantee:

1)The service will in accordance with your requirement.

2)The will not brake off at the same time it is timely ,safe and no mistaken.

3)Through the service, you get the message which is accurate and reliable.

4)Through the service, you purchase or obtain any product,service ot others materials` quality which could be met your expectation.through the service, download or get any data in any other way will be decided by yourself, by the way, the risk along with it also by undertaken by youself. Due to you download any documents,thus, it cause any destroy on computer operation system or lost on any data, the responsibility will be undertaken by yourself. As to any oral or written opinion or data got from Zaisubao or “ Service”, without definitely contains in our agreement, we never undertake any guarantee.

13. Responsibility range

You clearly understand and agree that Zaisubao will not take any responsibilities due to below any conditions caused any damages and compensations, contains but not limit profit,business reputation,using data etc cause loss or other intangible damages compensations( whether or not Zaisubao was being notified the possibility of these damages compensations):

1)use or never use “service”

2)By or through “service” to purchase or obtain any goods, sample, data, documents or service, by or through “service” receiving any message or reach any deal to get substitutes and service involving relative fees.

3)No approval to access in or change your transferring documents and data.

4)Any third party` statement of service or service behavior.

5)Any reason to give rise to any other matters, including negligence.

14. Indemnify

You agree that you must indemnify in full and hold Zaisubao and its subsidiaries, affiliates, branches, directors, employees and agents harmless from any loss arising from your breach of this agreement or other documents incorporated by reference herein, or your violation of any law which infringes the lawful rights of any third party, or your violation of any law which results in administrative or criminal liability, thereby giving rise to any third party, administrative or judicial authority claim for damages or imposition of penalties (including judicial expenses and professional fees) against Zaisubao and its subsidiaries, affiliates, branches, directors, employees and agents.

15. Comply with the law

You should comply with the use of "Service" with your bid and purchase or sale of any goods and provide business information about all relevant laws and regulations, rules and regulations.

16. No agency relationship with Zaisubao

You merely being as the individual contractor with Zaisubao. The agreement is not intended to establish or create any relationship of agency, partnership, joint venture, employment or special authorization.

17. Advertising and Finance Services

You contact with or participate in promotion activities of the person who placed advertisement at Zaisubao or through “Service” function, including the relevant products, paid services and goods delivery, and any other terms, conditions, guarantee or statements which only allowed realized between advertising placed person and you. You should agree that Zaisubao would not bear any responsibility towards any loss occurred by business contractions between advertising placed person and you. Furtherly speaking, please be aware of Zaisubao can not guarantee the accuracy, usefulness of any news information, warning matters or others through “Service” function, nor bear any responsibility for any related services of participating company stock, securities investment, any transactions or investment policies etc.

18. Links

“Service” or third party both supply link connecting to www.com website or resources. Due to Zaisubao has no control these website and resources, you admit and agree, we are not responsible for these website and resource. Meanwhile, Zaisubao does not admit above mentioned website or resource or get things from above mentioned website or resources, such as content, propaganda, product, service or other materials, as well as does not take any responsibility about them. You also further admit and agree that as to any use or rely on these website or resource to obtain these similar content, propaganda, product, service or other material to cause( or claimed cause ) any directly or indirectly loss, Zaisubao does not take responsibility.

19. Notice

Unless otherwise explicitly provided for, any notice between you and Zaisubao shall be sent by email to service@zaisubao.com (if the notice is to Zaisubao), or the email address provided by you during registration (if the notice is to you), or such other address designated by the party concerned. Any notice by email shall be deemed delivered twenty-four (24) hours after the email is sent, unless the sender is informed that such email address is no longer valid. Zaisubao also may send the notice by prepaid registered mail with receipt requested to the address provided by you during registration, in which case the notice shall be deemed delivered three (3) days after posting.

20. Force Majeure

As to the reasons outside reasonably control of Zaisubao, contains but not limit natural disaster, strike, riot, materials shortage, rationing, rebellion, war behavior, administrative acting, communication or other equipment breakdown or seriously casualty accident, to give rise to Zaisubao delay or fail to fulfill its duty, Zaisubao never take any responsibilities.


Zasisubao can freely transfer this agreement to any other third parties without your approval.

22. Other regulations

The agreement is a bridge between you and Zaisuba0, stipulating all obligation and responsibility each other. It also substitute the previous any oral or written agreement signed and submits to Chinese legal. Provided if any provision of the agreement is being judged as invalid or unenforceable by the Court , then it should be canceled and the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect. Item titles is being set for easily reference , not as in any way to define, limit, explain, or describe the range or limitation of the provision. When you or others violate some provision , Zaisubao does not penalize you or others. It does not means that we will withdraw the right to take action to your illegal behavior.

23. Lawsuit

About the dispute involving in agreement, or Zaisubao`service, or other relative matters , it should lodge the lawsuit to People Court of xinhua district located in shijiazhuang city, hebei province. Meanwhile, China law is the governing law.

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