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Common problems
Spot Notes
We promise

1.All goods are spot with high quality.

2.There is security measures to protect our customer information in our website. The order will be handle by the authorized traders.

3.We will never spread the private information including personal information and order information to the third part (unless the Judicial office) .

4.The risk of transport process is subject to the contract agreement of both parties. If you find damages, loss and other exceptions when receiving the goods, please remember keep the relevant evidence. Zaisubao will help you in the process of refund from suppliers.

5.The third party bank will be responsible for the payment risk.

Trade term

The responsibility for the suppliers

Please read carefully before trade and delivery from the spot mall:

1.Please give the correct details such as your name, deliver address and contact numbers. The suppliers shall not be liable for any delay or failure if find the reasonable below:

A.Nobody sign for the stock

B.Wrong address and contact number

C.Events beyond the reasonable control, for example war, governmental actions, natural disaster and traffic control.

2.The product price should according to the spot mall from Zaisubao.

3.You should undertake the charge if the customer cancel the order.

4.The supplier should make sure the goods is qualified and the product details are as the receipt shown. If there are any damages or shortage, please return back and then contact Zaisubao service center 0311-89925617; If the goods is signed, you cannot get the refund.

Disclaimer: If Zaisubao spot mall system is breakdown or can not be used normally by the majeure or other reason out of control, the trade may not completed or the information may be lost. Zaisubao spot mall will deal with the problems as soon as possible to reduce the economic loss as much as we could.

The supervision by customers: Zaisubao would like to serve our customer best and customer also can supervise our service.

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