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Spot notes
Zaisubao's promise

1、Ensure that the products are sold in the spot, and enjoy quality assurance.

2、We will ensure the safety of our products and we will process your order with our authorized order processors.

3、Under no circumstances will your personal and order information sold to any third parties (except for transfer to national jurisdictions to take).

4、Risk during transportation to the parties subject to contract, you receive the goods, if any damage, loss and other circumstances, as long as the spot to make a declaration, and relevant evidence, then plastic treasure assist buyers return procedures.

5、When remodeling your treasure net payment amount by a third party bank responsible for risk management.

Terms of the transaction

Suppliers when purchasing goods delivery and acceptance of the obligation to comply with the following Terms.

In Zaisubao online before the city before the order or accept delivery, please read the following terms carefully:

1、Please clearly and accurately fill out your real name, shipping address and contact information. Due to the following situations delay or failure caused orders and distribution, suppliers will not be liable:

A、No sign for the goods delivered;

B、It provides detailed error messages and do not address;

C、Force majeure, such as: natural disasters, traffic martial law, sudden war.

2、The purchase price of the product when you place an order online and then plastic treasure city spot prices prevail.

3、Due to customer reasons for the cancellation of the normal state of the order, require the return of the money, you bear the relevant transaction fees.

4、Supplier warrants are shipped intact product packaging. When you receive the goods on the spot and carefully check the invoice and delivery note products are the same product, if the product is found missing or damaged, etc., on the spot delivery personnel that is still at the scene when the remodeling Po customer contact 0311-89925617; If the packaging is damaged goods damaged in transit, etc., please point out the spot and declined, please call customer service after the remodeling treasure rejected. If you have to sign or sign on behalf of others, it is considered the product packaging, product number and the content is correct, then Zaisubao will not be accepted.

5、Disclaimer: as a result of force majeure or other reasons and then Zaisubao beyond the control of the remodeling treasure online spot city system crash or not work properly, resulting in online transactions can not be completed or missing relevant information, records, and then Zaisubao online spot the city will do might reasonably help deal with the aftermath, and strive to make customers from financial loss.

6、Client Supervision: Reshape treasure online Spot City hope that through unremitting efforts, to provide customers with the best service, and then Zaisubao spot online customers accept the supervision of the city in the whole process of providing services to customers.

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